Tuesday, August 7, 2012

D'Arcy's Famous Horseshoes

A few days ago I wrote about taking a trip to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois. After touring the museum for several hours we were all hungry, so we wanted to eat a late lunch/early dinner before our drive back to St. Louis. Springfield is such a quaint little town, but the restaurants in the town all close SO EARLY! I'm not sure why, but many of them close at two or three in afternoon.

When we were ready to leave the museum my mom and friends stopped one of the museum tour guides to ask her if she had any suggestions about a good place to eat. She recommended D'Arcy's Pint, an Irish pub-style restaurant that's been featured on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food. The tour guide told us about the restaurant's famous "horseshoe" which is a piece of Texas toast topped with your choice of meat, piled high with french fries and then topped with the restaurant's specialty cheese sauce. D'Arcy's Pint sounded like it would make for an interesting experience, so we decided to go.
My mom and I decided to share a horseshoe, and it was definitely more than enough food for the both of us. We got the grilled chicken for our meat and it had a great flavor. D'Arcy's was lots of fun and a memorable experience.


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