Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making the Best of It

When the doctors made their rounds early Sunday morning I asked them when I could leave because I was chomping at the bit to go home. They told me I'd have to sit tight a little longer to be discharged. My mom and I ate breakfast while we waited. My mom was hoping that I'd get scrambled eggs on my breakfast tray since she'd been craving them, and sure enough, I did! (I always share the food that I get because it's always way more food than I need, plus it's a shame to waste perfectly good food.) I hadn't eaten much for several days since I hadn't had much of an appetite, but on Sunday morning I was so hungry! There was a biscuit on my tray which delighted me since biscuits are one of my most favorite foods. I also ate two strips of bacon and drank some orange juice. I rarely eat breakfasts that are so high fat/high calorie, but since I was so hungry I gladly partook!

As Mom and I waited to get discharged we used the time to finish the book we were reading together; Surprise Party by William Katz. This book has been a favorite in the Johnson family for years and years, as just about everyone in my immediate family has read it at least one. (You should see our copy of the book; it's tattered and falling apart!) This book's a suspenseful mystery type that's really exciting. Newlywed Samantha is planning a 40th birthday party for her husband, Marty. She wants to make the party really special so she delves into his past to find his family members, friends and acquaintances to help with the party. However, as she searches she realizes that her husband has no past. You don't know what happens until the last sentence of the book. Anyway, it was fun to read the book again since I was in eighth grade the first and only time I read it.

My sweet nurse Lisa took great care of me and got me all ready to be discharged. I had the same two nurses both nights and days that I was in the hospital. Continuity of care is really important so you'll often have the same nurses care for you while in the hospital. I lucked out with two great nurses, Erin and Lisa, so I was really grateful for that.

I'd never choose to be in the hospital, but I always try to make the best of it. I'm always pleasant and cheerful to anyone I come into contact with, and I'm always appreciative of the people that serve me. Everyone from the doctors and nurses to the techs and housekeeping staff were so kind. One of the very best things about being in the hospital is getting to meet  and talk with new people. Characters, I tell you… you definitely meet some interesting characters while in the hospital! I also especially love how humble most of the people are. Many of them that work in the lower paying positions, like techs, housekeepers or food service workers  are so incredibly humble and they attribute the good things in life to God. It's always refreshing to hear people give God the credit He deserves.

Chandra came up to the hospital early afternoon after church and helped my mom get me dressed. We were ready to roll about two in the afternoon and I couldn't wait to get home. I fared pretty well this hospital visit since it was short and there weren't any complications, but as Dorothy says, "There's no place like home."

I could really see the hand of the Lord in the way everything worked out so precisely and conveniently. I was very thankful that this happened when it did and not the previous Wednesday when I went to the Lincoln Museum with my friends, or this past Monday when my friend Kate came over to visit. We only get to visit with each other a few times a year, so I was very glad that neither of these plans were interrupted because I would've been  mighty disappointed. God IS good!


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