Wednesday, April 16, 2014


My friend Linda knows how much I love assorted chocolates, so when she saw a new Russell Stover store when she was driving around the other day she stopped in. The next day she brought over a 3 lbs box of bloopers (chocolates that didn't make the cut because they might've been a little smooshed, stuck together or scuffed on the outside of the chocolate). The 3 lbs box was only $10, so that's a great deal considering it would've cost far more than that at regular practice, so it was too much of a steal to pass up on. 
I said, "Linda! You're going to make me put back on all the weight I've lost!" I have a pretty strong willpower, but I have a wicked sweet tooth and am powerless when it comes to chocolate! :) My mom, Chandra and I have been enjoying them and there hasn't been a bad blooper yet!


Julie said...

When I saw the word Bloopers in the title I thought it was something to do with tv programmes/shows where they showed funny things such as out-takes or an April Fool's trick:)

The chocolates look nice, hope you enjoyed them. Cadbury's are still the best tho - hope you get some this weekend:)

Well done on losing weight:). How much have you lost? (Tho we work in stone here -14 1bs to a stone, so I'll have to work it out)

Have a brill Easter:)

Kim said...

I need some! Yummy! Is this in the St Louis area??

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