Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chan's Hidden Talent

My sister Chandra learned to crochet relatively recently. She really liked it which kind of surprised since me since crafting/sewing has never really interested her. However, she enjoyed it so much that she decided to try her hand at making a baby blanket for a friend who recently adopted a baby. It was fun watching the blanket come together bit by bit and every time I saw her working on it I'd ask her to hold it up so I could see how it was coming along. When she mentioned making a blanket I didn't know how the finished product would turn out since this was her first attempt, but it turned out beautifully! I was seriously impressed. She ran into a couple snags a few times, but was able to figure things out without too much trouble. I could see a lot of first-timers getting frustrated and giving up, so I really have to hand it to her for having the patience to see it through to the end.

I started calling Chandra "Granny Chan" or "Channie the Granny" when I would see her bust out her yarn and crochet hook. The other day when she and I were at Hobby Lobby we were in the yarn isle looking at baby afghan patterns and different crochet books and I asked her if she thinks she'll keep crocheting and she said, "yes" and that she wishes she could quit her job and crochet all day long. I look forward to seeing more projects from her in the future.

Our friend loved the blanket Chandra made her and she was so touched that Chandra would go to all that work for her and her baby. I made sure Chan took a few pictures of the blanket before she gave it away since I was so proud of how it turned out. I knew it was worthy of a blog post.

Every time I saw Chandra working on her blanket I joked with her that I was jealous of her arms/hands that work because I know crocheting is something I'd be good at and would enjoy doing if I could. I know the basics of crocheting (the picture below is evidence) but I never followed a pattern to make anything. It's times like these where I just how to sigh and think, "one day."


Julie said...

The blanket is lovely. The colour is lovely too.

It really got to me when you wrote how you jokingly told Chandra that you envied her working arms/lhands. It must be really hard for you at times.

By the way, I know I wouldn't have the patience to crochet - or knitting actually! I once knitted the Osmonds a scarf each in their favourite colours - Red, Black, Green etc - & I'm sure there were loads of holes in the end results:)

Kim said...

Beautiful! You would never know it was her first blanket. I've wanted to learn crochet for a while but have never made the time to learn.

*Elizabeth* said...

super impressive!!! Way to go Chandra

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