Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Thoughts

I've always loved Easter. One of my fondest Easter memories from childhood has to be the candy. It probably sounds like a no-brainer since kids love candy, but my dad loved candy and would always have a fun time picking out Easter candy… different kinds of Russell Stover eggs, Reeses eggs, Cadbury cream eggs, etc.

Now that I'm older Easter has much more importance/significance to it than candy. I still love candy, don't get me wrong, but I know that Easter is a time to remember Christ and all of that He did for us and how indebted we are to Him. I love this short video that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently put out. It's very thought-provoking and definitely worth 2 minutes and 44 seconds of your time:
Because of Him we can start again (and again and again). Because of Him we have second chances, clean slates and new beginnings. Because of Him death has no sting. Because of Him we will live again. I know that this is true and I wish everyone knew it as surely as I know it because I think there would be much more hope and happiness in the world.

Here are two quotes that I really like:

Our purpose was to gain a physical body, to overcome trials, and to prove that we would keep the commandments of God. Our Father knew that because of the nature of mortality, we would be tempted, would sin, and would fall short. So that we might have every chance of success, He provided a Savior, who would suffer and die for us. Not only would He atone for our sins, but as a part of that Atonement, He would also overcome the physical death to which we would be subject because of the Fall of Adam.  – Thomas S. Monson
Thus, the Savior makes all things right. No injustice in mortality is permanent, even death, for He restores life again. No injury, disability, betrayal, or abuse goes uncompensated in the end because of His ultimate justice and mercy.  –D. Todd Christofferson


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