Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Different Kind of Canvas

I saw something amazing online a few days ago that I just had to share. I'm not sure who the artist is or where they got the idea since there weren't any details listed, but someone is doing something pretty amazing with their hands ON their hands (or possibly somebody else's hands).

Take a look at these incredible animals paintings painted on hands held in different positions. The details are phenomenal and they really do look like the animal they're supposed to be.
I would definitely have a hard time washing this hard work off of my hands!


Anonymous said...

Those hand paintings are incredible but you would hate to wash your hands. I think the elephant is my favorite. I enjoy reading your blog; you have an amazing attitude about life. I'm a recently retired California pubic school speech pathologist and I'm having a little trouble with all of my free time. It will be an adjustment for sure. Alicia I"m anonymous only because I can't make my Google Password work.

Lisa said...


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