Monday, August 25, 2014

Social Media and Crowdfunding

When I had my accident in 2003 Facebook had yet to be invented, and while blogs existed, it wasn't until after my accident that I actually heard the term "blog" and learned what they were. (I distinctly remember asking, "What's a blog" once, which now seems ironic.)

Sometimes I wonder what it would've been like if sites like these had been around when I had my accident. My mom sent mass emails to my family members to keep them updated on my progress, but a blog (or Facebook posts) would've been an even more convenient way to spread the word about what had happened and how I was doing each day. I would've enjoyed going back through those posts to read what happened on a daily basis. Sure I have my own recollections, but time has a way of dulling even the most vivid memories. And if iPads had existed at that time my mom could've given an up to the minute play-by-play of things as they were happening!

In 2003 there were also no online crowdfunding websites (like gofundme) where people can donate to a special cause or person. I imagine someone would've set up one of those accounts in my name to help raise money for my expenses. Those sites are so nice since you can quickly and conveniently donate to a good cause in just a few minutes. Than you can post and/or tweet about it on various websites to help spread the word about who you are raising money for and why.

The Internet is truly a marvel. It's amazing how you can spread information so quickly. But you better be careful, because once it's out there, it's out for everyone to see! There are definitely some sites and scams that will get you into trouble, but overall the Internet is truly a remarkable invention. Think about all the places you can go and things you can do all from the comfort of your own home. It's amazing and offers a lot of possibilities to someone like me who can't get up and go as easily as an able-bodied person.


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