Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Longtime Friends

I love it when old friends (or should I say longtime friends) come to visit. Last Friday my mom and I were able to catch up with our longtime family friends, Dirk and Janet Burton, who were in town for a few days. They came over and had lunch and dinner with us and stayed for seven hours. We had so much fun talking about what's new in our lives and it was fun to hear about what each of their kids are are up to. We also spent a lot of time reminiscing about old times and I probably said the phrases "remember when…" and "I have such fond memories of…" a dozen times each!

We also reminisced about Dirk and Janet's last visit with us back in 2010. It's hard to believe that three of the four kids they brought with them on that trip have gotten married in the past four years. Something else that's hard to wrap my head around is that I am now older than Janet was when I met the Burton family back in 1991. That  is crazy!

We took some pictures. It was funny to look at them when I loaded them onto my computer. Mom, Janet and I basically kept the same pose in all of the pictures, but funny man Dirk struck a new pose in each shot. That's Dirk for you!
Dirk has an impressive collection of hats (close to 400) and most of them are extremely unique. Even though Dirk was only in town for 2½ days he brought five different hats with him. He brought one of his oldest hats–a turtle hat–with him. (This was always my favorite hat of his when I younger.) He put it on my head when we were taking pictures. I look awfully cute, but I still think Dirk wears it better!
I will conclude this post the same way I ended the post about their 2010 visit: "It's nice to know that although the years go by, some people never change!" Very true!


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