Saturday, August 1, 2015

Coffeys' Visit 2015

The last of our summer company left last Friday. My sister Annette and her family visited Saturday, July 25 through Friday, July 31. The visit flew by and seemed especially short this year since the past two years Annette and her kids have stayed for almost two weeks instead of five days. But now that she has 9 month old twins, it wouldn't be nearly so easy for her to drive all the way from New York by herself with all four kids like the past two years, since her husband only gets one week off of work at a time. I'll take whatever length visit I can get!

I was thrilled to finally be able to meet Annette's twins, Lincoln and Annika. I've seen plenty of pictures of the babies, and I see them nearly every week when my sister and I Skype, but it's obviously not the same as seeing them up close and personal. Annika sat on my lap long enough for a few pictures and wasn't too wiggly.
I made sure to have my sister Chandra take a picture of my mom and me with Annette's family when she was over visiting (Chan didn't want to be in the pictures). I liked how baby Lincoln was looking up at my mom in the second picture. 

Here's a picture of the entire family. Not the greatest picture of the older kids, but we only got about 10 pictures, and then the camera's battery died. Plus, it was really hot and humid, and one of the older kids wasn't cooperating very well. My sister had to use the camera's self-timer and a tripod to take the pictures, too. Not the best conditions for taking a family picture, so with all of that factored in, it didn't turn out too badly!
We played a lot of games during our visit, including a new one my mom bought called Link-O. It's fun and easy enough for kids to understand. It's a lot like Dominos.
I'm so glad I was finally able to meet the babies. They are pretty cute! I especially love Annika's red hair. Here are a couple of collages I made with some of my favorite pictures of the twins from this year:
Back row (L to R): Rebecah (5) and Kimball ( a few weeks)
Front (L to R): Annika and Lincoln
Rebecah was my little buddy. She has sure grown up in the past couple of years (especially since the visit I wrote about in this post two years ago). She and I watched Maleficent together. I love that movie. I didn't spend quite as much time with Kimball this year, probably because his dad was here keeping him occupied the entire time. Annette and Joseph also took their kids to the Science Center and the Museum of Transportation, and Joseph took the two oldest to visit his brother, and then they went out to a water park afterwards. 

We had a great time laughing, talking and playing together, and I can't wait for another visit next year!


Stephanie said...

Heather- What cute nieces and nephews you have! How exciting you finally got to meet the twins.

Anonymous said...

Cute babies, you have a very nice looking family. You always look so happy, glad that you enjoyed the family visit. ~~~alicia~~~

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