Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back in the day...

A few days ago I wrote about my sister Sharon and her visit from Mississippi. Here's a little history about the two of us. Sharon is six years older than I am, so she and I weren't super close growing up. Six years isn't a vast age difference, but it is quite a gap when you're young. She and I had a big sister/little sister relationship when we were young, but now that we are older six years doesn't seem like much of an age gap at all. Here are a few pictures of us from back in the day: (the first one is from July 2001, the second one is from December 2002 and the third one is from March 2005):
It's fun to be sisters and friends!


Michigan's Finest said...

Heather, you are such a pretty girl!! I love the pics you post always!!!🍭💐😄💙

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