Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall foliage

My mom, my younger sister Chandra and I took the scenic route home from church today. I really enjoyed looking at the fall colors; they are so pretty. I think the colors have been kind of disappointing the past few years, so I'm very happy that they are so rich and vibrant this year. We also went by the cemetery where my dad is buried. It's beautiful cemetery and it's set on top of a hill, so the view is amazing, especially this time of year. Here are a few pictures that I had Chandra take while we were in the cemetery. (These pictures really don't do the fall colors justice, partly because it was an overcast day, but hopefully the beauty is still evident.)

I especially like the second picture I posted because the tree had so many different colors of leaves on it. Red, orange, yellow and green... it was really pretty!


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