Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I recently wrote about my job at the movie theater and how I started working on my 16th birthday. I’d been working for almost 3 ½ years when I had my accident. It was a good thing that I'd been working so long because that meant that I qualified to receive Social Security disability insurance after I became disabled. (I'm not sure how long you have to work to qualify for this insurance, but I wouldn't have qualified if I only worked, say, a year.)

Each month I receive a check for $781. This isn't a huge amount, however, I’m extremely grateful for this money because it means that I can afford the things that I need. I always pay my tithing (10%) to my church first, and then I pay for my medications, my medical supplies that my insurance doesn’t cover and things like that. This money is such a blessing because it means that I can buy the things that I want/need.


Erminia Cavins said...

It may be not that huge amount, but at least it can help you in little ways to assist you with your needs. You're one of the privileged pensioners of SSDI. That's something you have to be thankful for. Anyway, I hope you'll always be in good condition.

amom2three said...

You my dear are very lucky! What would the next person do if they never had a job and a awful accident happened? So see sometimes we think we are at the absolute bottom of the barrel.... but hey you are not you still have things in you're favor and going for you! Keep looking to the bright side!

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