Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sharon and Shellie's visit

I was able to see my older sister Sharon the past two weekends. Her friend Shellie had a work conference in Kansas City Sunday through Thursday and Sharon went along with her just for fun. They came up from Mississippi and stayed with the us the weekend before the conference and the weekend after the conference, so we were able to see Sharon and Shellie for several days. Sharon also brought her two youngest girls with her, so it was so fun to be able to see them too!

I had a game night on the Friday that they arrived so that Sharon could meet some of my friends that she has heard a lot about, but has never met. It was Shellie's birthday, so we had a yummy chocolate cake and some other good treats. We played Scattergories (one of my favorite games) and that was a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures from the game night. (It wouldn't truly be a game night without taking at least a few group pictures to document the evening!)
The next day Sharon helped me do some scrapbooking. I'm a huge fan of documenting my life and scrapbooks are a great way to do this. Sharon is my best scrapbooker and I always look forward to her visits because she always helps me do my scrapbook updates. I played games on Saturday afternoon with Chandra, Sharon and Shellie which was a lot of fun. I love games!

Sharon, Shellie and the girls left for Shellie's work conference in Kansas City on Sunday and they came back on Thursday evening. They stayed one more day with us (Friday) and it was another fun and productive day. Shellie is very computer savvy so she helped me order a new laptop. Then that evening my friend Hillarie and her mom came over to play games. We played dominoes and had so much fun hanging out together. Visiting with friends and family is the best!


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