Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's that time again

I'm a nostalgic person and the simplest things can trigger memories in me. The scent of something, the taste of something, the weather, etc. November is the month that my car accident occurred in, and every November I think back to the time in my life when it changed in a big, big way. This is what what was going on in my life back in November 2003:

I was in my first semester of a two-year nursing program. I decided to do a two-year RN program, and had plans of getting my BSN later on after I was out of school and working at a hospital. (Hospitals usually pay your tuition if you are continuing your nursing education.) I loved what I was learning in nursing school and I was excited at the prospect of a career where I could help care for people. I went to school Monday through Friday, 8–4:30 PM. I usually had three or four tests a week, so I studied hard so that I could make good grades.

I was also working 30+ hours each week at the movie theater. I had a fixed schedule and I worked every Monday night, Thursday night, Friday night and some time on Saturday. Thursday nights were busy as we closed out one movie week and prepared for the next. Fridays and Saturdays were busy because that's when the new movies would come out and people would be out of work/school. Monday evenings usually weren't too busy. I'd make the employee schedule for the following week, but would usually have a little bit of time to study as I waited for all of the movies to end. (I was usually the last manager working, so it was my responsibility to shut down the projection booth after all of the movies let out. I'd also have to take the money we made that day to the bank and put it in the night deposit slot. I'd finally get home about 1 AM.

Although I loved working at the movie theater, that fall I'd started looking for a new job at a hospital as a nurse's aide so that I could gain experience and practice the things I was learning about in school. I applied at St. John's Hospital had gotten the job. As bittersweet as it would be to leave the movie theater where I'd worked for the past  years—pretty much my first and only jobI felt it was the right move to make. Sadly, I'd never be able to start this new job at the hospital, or ever work caring for others.

That's all I have time to write about today, but I look forward to writing more about my experiences in November 2003.


Kathe said...

Thanks for sharing that. You were really busy...working and going to school full time. You are amazing, and I enjoy reading about your life experiences.

jinkm said...

I liked this post. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog, your attitude is really inspirational. :)

Lorraine said...

I found your blog today because you posted about Mike Patterson, whose story I've been following. I can tell just from the little I have read from you, that you are an amazing person. I want to read more! (I also have a blog and love to read and to write.) Blessings, Heather.

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