Monday, November 30, 2009

LOTR movie marathon

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy are some of my favorite movies of all time. It's been a couple of years since I've watched the movies, so my younger sister Chandra and I decided to watch them while she was on Thanksgiving break from school. We watched the first movie on Thanksgiving night with our friends Laura and Nate. We pulled the recliners from the living room into my room, and although it was crowded we had a lot of fun watching the movie together.

Channie and I finished watching the trilogy last night. We watched all three movies this past weekend which is quite an accomplishment since the three movies are 11 hours combined! I have such good memories of working at the movie theater when these movies came out. These movies were very popular, so the movie theater buzzed with excitement when these movies were first released.

After I finished watching the trilogy again last night I was trying to think which of the movies is my favorite. I like them for different reasons, so it's hard to pick my favorite. I love the first one because the scenery is so pretty. When I first saw the movie in the theater back in 2001, I remember feeling very disappointed when the movie ended. Although the movie was over, the story wasn't over and I learned that I would have to wait two more years for the third movie to be released so that I could find out how the story ended.

The second movie is probably my favorite because of the fond memories that are attached to it. I was working as a manager at the movie theater when this movie came out at the end of 2002. I saw the movie in the theater three times, not to mention seeing the end of the movie dozens of times. (We'd have to clean up the auditoriums where the movies were shown, so we would often catch the last few minutes of the movies while we prepared to clean up.) I have a lot of the lines in this movie memorized; especially the lines at the end of the movie.

Of the three movies the one I'm least familiar with is last movie. I was so looking forward to seeing this movie. It was scheduled to be released in December of 2003 and I could not wait. Long story short, I was in the ICU when the movie was released and I couldn't see it. I was so disappointed! All of my friends went to see it, but I had to wait five months for it to come out on DVD before I could see it. That was pure torture! I was so excited when I finally was able to see it. I thought it was wonderfully done, and it was so nice to find out how the story ended.

Since then I've listened to the Lord of the Rings books on CD. I think I prefer the movies, though, because they make more sense to me than the books. It's probably because I'm kind of simpleminded, but I just feel like I miss a lot of the details and get confused easily when I'm just relying on the books. It doesn't help that the vernacular of those books is so much different than the way we speak today. Anyway, this was a fun part of my Thanksgiving weekend. I love how movies make for such good passtimes!


Tyler Erickson said...

I love Lord of the Rings! Sam is my favorite character. I love watching the special features too - I've spent many nights watching the extended version and the special features over and over. Great flick!

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