Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I thought of a funny story that I wanted to write about. When I was in second grade we were taught how to write in cursive. The first two letters that we learned were "i” and "t." I was so excited that I was finally learning how to write like a grown-up, and I went home and wrote the word "it" over and over and over. Each afternoon my teacher introduced one or two new cursive letters. We went through the entire alphabet in lower case, and then we went through the alphabet again in upper case.

When report cards came out later in the quarter I was devastated to find out that I'd gotten a C in handwriting. I've never received a C before and I was sure that I was going to get in trouble for getting what I thought was such a poor grade. When my dad asked to see my report card I was sure that I was going to get scolded for my C, however, my dad didn't say anything about the C at all. I was so relieved! I kept working on my handwriting and by the end of the semester my handwriting grade was an A.

Penmanship was something that I tried hard at, and I eventually ended up with really nice handwriting. Granted, my handwriting wasn't the best in the world, but I always tried to write neatly and legibly. I always felt a sense of pride that I had nice handwriting because it seemed like handwriting (especially cursive) was (and is) becoming more and more of a lost art due to the ever growing prominence of computers.

Here are a couple samples of my handwriting, one cursive and one print: (these are from one of my notebooks that I took notes in for nursing school. On the bottom sample I had to write really small because my worksheets didn't have very much space on them, so it's kind of hard to see my print handwriting. They aren't the best pictures, but hopefully you can see some of the words)

If you can't tell, I always used pens with blue ink. I didn't like black ink at all. I just thought/think things written with blue ink look so much more personal. Silly, I know, but blue ink was always a must for me!


Tyler and Jen said...

You do have great handwriting!

Rai said...

You have lovely handwriting! I also agree on the blue/black ink thing, i'm more of a blue ink kind of person myself.

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