Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Visit from "brother" Bret

This past weekend my dear friend Bret and his new wife Niki came into town for a visit. A very short visit... only about 24 hours. I consider that especially short when you take into account the 14 hour drive on each end of the 24 hours in St. Louis.

I met Bret a few years ago when I started going to a religion class at my church for young adults. He was one of the first friends I made when I started going out again for the first time after my car accident. Although he probably doesn't know it, he really helped me gain confidence as I made my social return to society.

Anyway, Bret and his wife now live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but they needed to pick up some furniture that they'd left in St. Louis, and we were the lucky people that they asked to stay with overnight.

Bret, his wife Niki, Chandra and I went to a going away party on Saturday evening for some of our friends who are moving away. It was fun to go and socialize, but it was especially fun to see Bret and to get to know his wife a little better. Here are some pictures from the party:

Two groups shots:

Bret, Chandra and me: (it's really hard to get Bret posing seriously, so this picture is almost a success!)
Barbara and me:
JT and me:Nate and me:It was a fun evening and it was so wonderful to see Bret again.


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