Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas, Dad!

Filling in on the rest of my weekend...

On Saturday afternoon my friends Tammy and Justin came over for a visit. I went to high school with Tammy and Justin, and they are actually my only friends from high school that I am still friends with. We had a nice visit and it was fun to have them over and catch up with them.

On Saturday evening my friend Nate came over for dinner. After dinner he helped me on my computer for a little while because there were some things that I needed help with. After that, Nate, Chandra and I watched the second Night at the Museum movie. I fell asleep shortly after the movie began, which is kind of ironic because I fell asleep when I saw this movie in the theater, as well! I'm hoping to watch it again; maybe the third time will be the charm!

On Sunday morning my mom, Chandra and I stopped by the cemetery on the way to church. I wanted to take some new flowers to my dad. I've mentioned this before, but I love the cemetery where my dad is buried. It is so peaceful and not at all like a typical "graveyard." Here are some pictures that I had Chandra take of the front and back of my dad's head stone. I especially love the back of the head stone because a picture of the Salt Lake Temple were my parents were married is etched into the stone. It also says, "families are forever" above the temple. These words are especially touching to me because I know that my family is a forever family.
On Sunday evening the three of us went to an event at my church called Crèches and Carols. It's an annual event where hundreds of different crèches and nativities are displayed throughout the building. There is also a lot of music and different activities. It's a completely free event, and it's just fun to walk (or roll!) around and feel the Christmas spirit. After we looked at the different displays, we went into the chapel and watched a devotional that was broadcast over the satellite from Salt Lake City. The general leaders of my church shared some short Christmas messages, and there were also several musical numbers sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was a wonderful evening and helped to make me even more excited for Christmas.


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