Monday, February 1, 2010

Domino's new pizza

This past Friday evening we had a little graduation party for my younger sister Chandra since she recently completed her Associate's degree. It was just my mom, Chandra and me, so it was a small celebration, but fun nonetheless.

We'd heard that Domino's Pizza recently changed the recipe for their pizza, so we ordered pizza from them so that we could try the new recipe. I have to admit that I think I prefer the old recipe better. The sauce was just missing something, and the pizza seemed to be a little more bland than it used to be. I did like the crust better, however. I think they've started brushing some sort of buttery garlic sauce on it, so it was more like a breadstick than a plain crust. Anyway, my opinion is that the pizza was good, but not great. I still prefer Papa John's or Pizza Hut.


Tyler and Jen said...

I agree! We don't order pizza very often, I usually make it, but we got some Pizza Hut pizza for New Year's and it makes all other pizza's taste bad in comparison!

Andrew said...

Hey Heather,

Thanks for trying the new pizza. I do some work with Domino's and seeing as you said you preferred the old recipe I wanted to let you know that it's still possible to order it! Simply ask for "hearty marinara" sauce and no garlic on the crust and you will be good to go!

Laura said...

I totally agree, Heather...Papa John's is the way to go! Way better than any of the other chain stores.

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