Monday, February 8, 2010

Yay for the Super Bowl!

I absolutely love the Super Bowl! I never watch it, but I always use it for an excuse to have a little party and to eat some absolutely unhealthy, but delicious party foods! I heard something on TV that sums up what the Super Bowl is: the Thanksgiving of junk food! (Very true!)

This year it was just my mom, my younger sister Chandra and myself, in addition to my sister Laura and her husband Brett. They also brought along their friend Susan, so there were six of us total. I planned the menu myself... we had hot cheese dip, little smokies, homemade cheese ball (Laura made it and it was very good!) and fruit and carrots (we had to have something at least a little healthy!). For dessert I asked my mom to make caramel popcorn and chocolate bark. (Chocolate bark is just melted semi sweet chocolate chips with pretzels and almonds in it.) The food was quite unhealthy, but that's okay since the Super Bowl only rolls around once a year, right?!

We had a fun time eating ourselves into oblivion. We also played several games... Catch Phrase, Phase 10 Twist (a variation on the regular Phase 10 game) and Yahtzee Free for All (another variation on the original game). The latter two games are ones that we played when we went to my older sister Sharon's house for Christmas. Both of them are great fun!

This past weekend I also went to the movies with my friend Lacee and my younger sister Chandra. We saw When in Rome. It was a very cute romantic comedy, and a movie that I would recommend to others. (One of my 2010 goals is to see 25 movies in the movie theater since I love movies so much. This movie was my fifth this year, so I'm well on my way to meeting my goal!)



The food is why I love the Super bowl too!

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