Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I didn't want to, but I did

Last Friday my mom and I went to St. John's Hospital so that I could speak to some nursing students. My friend Lacee is a clinical instructor at St. John's, and she thought it would be beneficial to her nursing students if they could hear my story, as well as some of my experiences being a patient in the hospital and my opinions on things I think nurses can do to make their patient's hospital stay a little better.

When Lacee asked me if I would be interested in coming to talk to her nursing students, I did not want to say yes! I get so nervous when I'm the center of attention in a group, especially since I can't speak very loudly since I can't breathe on my own. However, I decided to say yes because I've been praying for opportunities to be a strength to others. I know that if I'm praying for opportunities, then I shouldn't turn down an opportunity when one arises. Still, the thought of talking to a group of strangers is very daunting and scary! Also, Lacee has done so much for me in the past six years and she is such a wonderful friend, so I am glad that I could do something for her for a change.

The group consisted of 13 nursing students, plus Lacee and another clinical instructor. I started off by telling them about my accident, and then about my 15 week stay in the ICU and rehab facility. I also shared some of my best and worst experiences in the hospital, and I explained the importance of the nurses role in listening to every patient and their family. A nurse who will listen truly makes a world of difference when you are in the hospital!

I answered a lot of questions that the nursing students had, and before I knew it two hours had flown by! Although I wasn't looking forward to this experience, I'm glad that I could talk to these students and I hope that they will take the things I said and apply it in their careers.


Kathe said...

That sounds like an interesting experience. So were you nervous?

Tamico said...

Good for you, Heather!!! I'm sort of the same way with Broc. I've always said, that if someone can learn from him and the experiences he's had, then I'm all for it. We spoke to a class over at McKendree University last yr and I'm hoping we're asked back this yr. I believe it truely helps people have a better understanding and compassion for people with impairments.

And on a side note, I LOVE reading your blog. You are soooo inspiring. Really. Our circumstances with Broc are nothing like yours, but it's soooo nice to have another positive perspective. So, again...Thank You for writing this blog and for seeing the 'good' in life. : )

Loretta Valenta said...

I tried to post a comment and when I thought it was published it wasn't! So if you get two comments from me that are about the same you will know what happened! :)

I wanted to say, Heather, that I think it is a wonderful opportunity that you had to speak to those nursing student! Your experiences are so valuable to those who will care for others who may have circumstances similiar to yours. I am so happy that you mustered the courage to do what you did! YAY you! :)

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