Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Club Birthday

My book club met last Tuesday and it was special because it was the third anniversary of when book club started. I started it three years ago since I love to read, and also as a way to be able to socialize with some of the different ladies from church. We always meet at my house (since most people don't live in handicap accessible houses) and it's just fun to be able to discuss books and chat while eating something yummy. My mom always makes a yummy dessert which is nice because any social gathering is better when there's a sweet treat to be had!

My book club isn't too large (there's usually an average of 8 to 12 of us, depending on the month) but I enjoy getting together each month. We always spend at least a little time discussing our current book, but then the conversation tends to branch out to different topics, some of which have been very interesting.

Since the book club is small, I pick the books about half of the time, which on one hand is fun when I have a book I'm excited about, but on the other hand, sometimes it gets difficult trying to line up a new book each month. Oftentimes there are books that I would like to use, but I never choose books if I don't have access to at least several copies. (I don't want the club members to feel like they have to spend money on a book if they want to participate in book club.) We are fortunate to have a library system close by, but it doesn't have as large of a selection of books as I would like.

If anyone out there has read a good book that they think would work well for my book club, let me know! Suggestions are always very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather, this is the first time I am seeing your blog. I was reading about your book club, and I have a few great books for you. Also a small tip, to save money on the books, you can upload the kindle app free from any smart phone such as android, or iphones. Each book there after usually is only $.99 for older copies and $7.99 for newer ones up to $40.00 for some, but those are rare. Anyways, if you can find the book "Still Alice" from the library, it is great. its about a woman with early on set alshymerz (yeah i don't think i spelled that right) but it is a great book that made me both laugh and cry and its a wonderful read that took me only about half a day to complete, but maybe thats because i can't put a book down once I start.
<3 Cher


I love Book Group!

Lisa said...

Heather, I enjoyed The Walk by Richard Paul Evans.. A sequel to it came out this summer but I haven't read it. Hopefully during Christms break I'll start it. Happy reading :-)

ps... I LOVE your blog.

Tina said...

Hey Heather,

I will see if I can think of some books for you. I wish I was in a reading club. We tried it once here in my neighborhood. It fell apart rather quickly.

Love Your Utah Friend,


Anne said...

What are some of the books that have worked well for your club? What are some that have been dogs?

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