Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

Have you missed me?! I've missed being able to blog, so I'm glad to be back. My mom, younger sister Chandra and I went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with my sister Annette and her family. The drive wasn't too bad (except for the bumpy roads) and it took less than seven hours to get there.

My brother-in-law Joseph made a big fire and although it wasn't all that cold, I was chilly and I enjoyed sitting in front of the crackling fire.
Our Thanksgiving meal was really yummy. Check out these great pics that my sister Chandra took!
The best part about the trip was seeing my niece and nephew. I think my nieces and nephews get more fun the older yet. My niece Rebecah is almost 2 and she's so cute! She is downright terrified of me, though, and she won't come near me for a hugs and kisses. However, she must like me at least a little bit because she would walk around the house saying, "Hever, Hever, Hever!" My sister told me that since we left on Saturday morning Rebecah has been asking about me, so I think there's hope for the future! Here are some more fun pictures from the weekend:
We went to the lake on Friday and we were hoping to be able to take some pictures of Annette and her family, but it was extremely windy by the lake. We tried again later that afternoon and the pictures turned out pretty well.


Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Carol Valentine said...

I especially love the pictures of the young children. They are so pure and innocent and their faces just radiate that.

Melissa said...

Oh you were on my stomping grounds! I was on yours (STL) last weekend! :)

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