Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Hawkins Bros.

Last year two of my sister Kristin's kids dressed up as Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. video game. My sister's boys love playing Mario Kart on the wii, so this year her entire family dressed up as different characters from the game. Kristin's family lives in California, so I had to settle for seeing pictures on Facebook. :(  Everyone looked adorable, so I just have to write about it on my blog and post some pictures. I know I might be partial, but I think they're all so cute!

Kaleb () is Luigi, Ethan (6) is Wario, Jared (almost 4) is Mario, Aaron (21 mos.) is Toad and Scott, their dad, is Waluigi.
The Mario Bros. and the bad guys:
Mario and his and his antithesis Wario, Luigi and his antithesis Waluigi:
More cute pictures:
My sister went to a trunk-or-treat at church and she decided to decorate her van in the Super Mario Bros. or Super "Hawkins" Bros. theme. If you're familiar with the videogame, then these decorations will make sense. (They even carved Mario Bros. themed pumpkins.)


*Elizabeth* said...

Amazing! Their trunk is awesome. Did Kristin dress up? She could have been Princess!!

Tina said...

Boy, your sister went all out. They look adorable.

Your Utah Friend,


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