Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(Not-So-) Formal Wear

Yesterday I wrote about my shopping trip to the mall last weekend. I realized something as Chandra and I quickly zipped through JCPenney. It's prom season, so there were tons of formal dresses on display. What I realized is how much formal dresses have changed in the past 10 years that I've been out of high school!! (Which really wasn't  that long ago!)

When I was in high school almost all of the formal dresses that girls wore were long, ankle-length dresses.  I'm not saying that all long dresses are "out" right now, but short dresses are definitely back "in." I remember short dresses being popular back in the early 90's when my older sisters were going to formal dances. But by the time I was going to formals (say, five – 10 years later) hardly anyone wore short dresses.

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of the formal dresses I've seen in stores/in magazines/on TV shows, etc. are much less formal than they were when I was in school. This has its pros and cons. On one hand I think it's nice to be able to buy a dress that you'll be able to wear again, but on the other hand, I don't like how casual everything seems to be getting. It just seems less special.


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