Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shopping Is Bittersweet

Last Saturday my sister Chandra and I went shopping at the mall. Boy, do I love shopping!! One of the stores we went to was New York and Company. NY and Co. is one of my all-time favorite stores to shop at! I used to shop there all the time before my accident and it's where I bought a lot of my "professional attire" that I wore to work when I was a manager at the movie theater.

What's better than shopping, and how can something so good possibly be bittersweet?! Well, it's really depressing/discouraging to go into a store and see SO many beautiful clothes that I would love to wear, but can't (especially when I know that I would look just darling in them!).  ;) It's cruel; sort of like dangling a big, delicious carrot in front of a starving rabbit who has his foot stuck in the a trap, making it impossible for him to get it. I know this disappointment is self-inflicted because I don't have  to shop in stores where there's tempting, "off limit" clothing, but I can't help myself!

It's probably hard for people who aren't in my situation to understand my clothing struggles, but there are SO many clothing styles I'd love to wear, however, they don't really work for me anymore because it would either be #1) hard for people to dress me in, or #2) hard to adjust the clothing after it's on, resulting in wrinkly/lumpy/bunchy clothes. (And I hate looking disheveled!) Long story short, for a clothes lover like myself, shopping nowadays can be rather difficult, discouraging and disheartening.

I would love to be able to rock an outfit similar to something like this. Maybe a pencil skirt or a nice fitted dress with high heels. (This is sooo  my style!)
There were so many things that I liked, so I bought a lot knowing that I will most likely  return at least some of what I bought. (This is always  the case, since I can't try things on at the store, but I'm used to it.) I am  returning several things, but it wasn't a total loss because I got lucky and found several things that I will be keeping. The things I'm keeping are two cardigans (and a tank top that goes under one of them), two scarves and a shirt with flower embellishments around the neck. Oh yeah, and a cute pair of sandals that I forgot to photograph.

And to top things off, I also did some online shopping on New York and Company's website when I got home and bought four more skirts and two more cardigans. Will they fit? Well, that's always the million-dollar question and only time will tell, but I'm optimistic! 

Can you tell what my favorite colors to wear are? Yes, pinks and purples. Don't get me wrong, I love other colors and do occasionally wear them, but the vast majority of my wardrobe is pink/purple because I just don't think I look quite as good in anything else.


Ronja said...

Very pretty clothes, I especially like the scarf! Beautiful colours, I think you will look great in them.
I don't comment often but always read your blog, and have read several of the books you recommended, I always enjoy the book and movie Reviews.

Jen said...

Hi Heather-
I feel your pain about clothes shopping. I use a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy and my body has changed a lot. I often feel discouraged too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

For different reasons, shopping is bittersweet for me, too. Seemingly, I have a lot more body to dress with much less money. Still-I like to see what's in the windows and on the racks.

Take Care,

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