Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Mail Day

I love it when the mail is delivered! When I was a little girl I always loved getting the mail when I had the day off school, or when I was home in the summer. Even though I'm an adult I still love it when the mail comes! Although I can't go out and retrieve the mail myself, it's just fun to see the mail truck drive by my house and know that it's arrived!

Today was a good mail day. I don't get mail every day, and when I do it's usually not very exciting, but today I got several things, each one more exciting than the previous. A Netflix.  A postcard from my friend Linda who lives in England who recently spent some time in Prague.  A piece of original artwork that I recently bought to go above my bed. (I'll write more about this in a post coming soon.) And finally, a personal, hand-signed letter from David A. Bednar.

In this post I wrote about going to a church activity recently where I was honored to be able to meet an apostle of the Lord and listen to him speak. I didn't think I'd get the opportunity to speak with him since there were at least a few hundred people in attendance, but I hoped I would at least be able to say hello and pass him a note that I'd prepared on my computer beforehand in hopes of maybe getting the opportunity to slip it to him. Needless to say, it was a huge surprise to get a response in the mail today.


Kate said...

That's awesome! I LOVE Elder Bednar! I'm very partial to him since he was president at BYU-I went I attended. Yea for good mail days!

Carol Ann said...

What a blessing! It seems that all the leaders in the church are so caring and go that extra mile to make each feel cared for and loved. We are so blessed to be members.

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