Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebrating My 9th

I usually have a get-together to celebrate the anniversary of my accident, or my "second birthday" as I refer to it, but this year I just didn't have the desire to do that, so I decided to go to the movies instead. It's been four months since I've been to the movies, which is an incredibly long movie hiatus for me since I usually see a few movies a month. Life has just been so crazy lately!

My younger sister Channie is my movie buddy and we really enjoy going to the movies together, so I thought seeing a double feature would be a perfect way to spend my special day. The first movie we saw was The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I went to see this movie since I don't want people to think I'm one of "those girls" that go gaga over the Twilight movies, because I don't!. It's not that I'm so anti-Twilight that I refuse to watch them (I have seen all of the movies, after all), but I would've been perfectly content to wait to see the movie until it came out on DVD.
I mean, the movies are major eye-rollers in my humble opinion, so I didn't have very high expectations. But that being said, I have to admit that I absolutely loved the movie! My expectations were so low that it didn't take much to surpass them. Granted, there was a lot of cheesy, sci-fi violence with vampire's heads getting ripped off right and left, but I really liked the movie, especially the ending. Just the way the music was with how they gave a nod to everyone that's been in the series (even the characters that weren't in the last film). The auditorium was pretty packed, too, so it was fun to feed off of everyone else's excitement as they reacted to the movie.
I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the the movie, so I'm giving it 9/10 stars. Take this rating with a grain of salt, though. If it were a movie that I were seeing for the first time and didn't know anything about, I would probably only give it 6 stars. My rating system is subjective when you account for the book series, previous movies and my feelings/emotions tied to them. 
The other movie I saw was the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. I had a hard time staying awake in the beginning of the movie since I always stay up so late at night, so I kept dozing off. But after a while I got it together and perked up. The movie was very suspenseful and action-packed and I really liked it. It makes me want to go back and watch some of the previous Bond movies. I'm giving this movie 9/10 stars, too. Hopefully I won't experience "raters remorse" when I go back and watch these movies again when they come out on DVD. (Which is something that's not uncommon for me when I go back and watch movies a second time. Sometimes I really wonder why I liked them so well the first time around.)


Tina said...

Hey Heather,

You might call me a Twihard so of course I loved the movie, but I am objective to know that the computer graphics they had through most of the movie for Renesme's face was horrendous.

Love your Utah Friend,


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