Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hawkins Halloween "Ninjago" Style

My sister Kristin's family always goes way out for Halloween by dressing up as a family in a coordinated theme. (Check out their Halloween theme from last year – so adorable!) This year the theme that they chose to go with was Lego's "Ninjago." (Ninjago is actually a TV cartoon, and it's one of Kristin's boys' favorites to watch.) When Kristin first told me that her boys were dressing up as characters from Ninjago. I honestly had no idea what that was so I had to look it up. When I did an image search on Google it all made sense.… Legos. Kristin's boys love Legos! 
The boys each dressed up as their favorite character. Kaleb was Jay and Ethan was Kai.
Jared was Kole and Aaron was Lloyd.
Ryan was Zane and Scott was Sensei Wu (love Scott's costume!).
Here's the whole gang:
The family went to a trunk-or-treat at church and decorated the back of the van. It was quite windy, though, so it's hard to the the Ninjago banner that Kristin made to hang on the back of the van. She also made Ninjago heads out of yellow balloons wrapped in different colors of tissue paper. Kristin said that she couldn't take credit for the idea since it came from Pinterest, but she still made it come together, so I says she's pretty talented!
Scott carved pumpkins in a Ninjago theme and I think he did an amazing job since carving pumpkins can be really difficult, especially when you're carving intricate patterns like Scott did. Kristin said that the pictures definitely don't do the pumpkins justice and they look a lot better/more detailed in person. 
Kristin made ghost luminaries out of empty milk jugs and lined the pathway to her house with them. She put small LED lights inside of them to make them glow, but she said that you can't really see the glow in the pictures.


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