Monday, May 20, 2013

Bird Watching

I have a nice, big window in my room that looks out into the front yard. There's a river birch tree right outside the window and a few weeks ago we noticed a robin building a nest in the tree.

Last Friday my mom saw some movement in the nest and she said that the birds had hatched. We've had fun watching the two baby robins the past few days. Yes, even me! (To read about my love/hate relationship with birds click here.)

Yesterday we didn't have church until 1:30, so after I was up I positioned myself in front of the window and watched the birdies for a while. It was fun seeing their fuzzy, little heads stretching upward with with their beaks wide open when the mama bird would swoop in with food for them. I tried to get a picture of the baby birds, but our vantage point inside the house wasn't very conducive to a photo shoot.

Here's a shot of the tree and you can see the small nest in the "v" where the branches of the tree come together. The second picture is a closer shot and you can see the mama bird's head peeking out.


Julie said...

Those robins sound so cute, especially the baby ones:)

I've got a couple of bird baths in my garden & I love to watch the birds splashing about in them. I mainly find that it's the black birds that use it the most.

Sorry you seem to be getting a lot of spam on here lately. It's must be really annoying.

Take care

*Elizabeth* said...

I am not sure if you have seen the movie "The Big Year" but I totally love might help your love of birds ;) Also we have this bird that nests on our door wreath every strange since the door opens a lot. The bird has come in a few times too. said...

Hi, I recently found your blog and I have loved learning about you. I enjoyed your bird pictures, but more than that, I liked the tree! I am an Arborist so trees are my thing. You have a river birch there!

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