Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grant's Farm

When Annette and her kids were here they went to Grant's Farm with my mom. I stayed home since I was still recovering from being sick. (Plus, Grant's Farm isn't the most wheelchair-friendly place.) Mom, Annette and the kids sure had lots of fun, though, so I thought I'd make a post about it even though I wasn't along for the ride.
I love this next few pictures. Kimball and Rebecah stopped to look at the goats and gave this guy's head a pat. I guess Rebecah's skirt looked appetizing because he started munching on it (in the second picture). So funny!
Above is a neat tortoise (I wonder how old it is? I've heard that tortoises can live to be really old and have really long life expectancies). Below are some beautiful, exotic-looking birds:
There were definitely some interesting animals to look at. I love the picture of this guy (a llama, I think). He sure thinks he's hot stuff (at least, that's what his face says!).
The animals were great, but one of the things the kids liked best were the misters:
Kimball looking at some of the antique carriages:


Jen@Because I can said...

I miss Grants Farm and those crazy goats!

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