Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kimball's 6th Birthday

My nephew Kimball's 6th birthday was last Friday and I was so grateful to be able to celebrate it with him since he was in town visiting.  My mom made peach danish for Kimball's birthday breakfast.
Later that morning we gathered in the family room and opened presents. It was fun to watch Kimball open his presents, and fun to see how excited Rebecah was to watch Kimball open his gifts.
My mom gave Kimball a set of his own K'nex since he always enjoys playing with my K'nex so much. He was excited and wasted no time before breaking them out and it wasn't long before he'd built several creations.
I know how much Kimball loves Magic Tree House books, and he wants to own all of them (there's 50 MTH books so far), so I was glad I could add to his collection. I also bought him one of the Magic Tree House fact tracker books. These are nonfiction books that go along with the fiction series. They're really neat because they talk about different things like space or mummies, places like ancient Rome and events in history. The one I bought him was about the Titanic (this was a fitting one for me to give him since the Titanic has always fascinated me). Kimball kept asking his mom to check the Titanic fact tracker book out from the library and was frustrated that she never let him get it. Little did he know that I was getting it for him for his birthday, and we wanted it to be a surprise!
Kimball with his presents, including seven Magic Tree House books:
Kimball's dad had to go back to New York to work part way through the Coffeys visit, so he unfortunately missed out on Kimball's birthday. Thanks to modern technology, though, he was still able to be a part of the present opening via Skype. I thought these pictures of Kimball talking to his dad on the iPad were really sweet.
Below is a picture of Kimball and me with the Magic Treehouse books I gave him, plus a picture of Annette and me and one of us with the kids. My mom and I went out to lunch to Pizza Hut with Annette and the kids after we finished opening presents. The kids love Pizza Hut and had fun eating the lunch buffet.
After lunch Annette took Kimball to Mastodon State Park for some one-on-one time (and Rebecah and I went home and watched Tangled). There's a little museum there that they spent some time exploring. Here's a picture of Kimball posing with a mastodon.
Kimball wanted hamburgers for dinner, and they were mighty tasty! This is a picture of his birthday cake. My mom recently found a recipe for chocolate zucchini cake and that's what Kimball wanted. I was a little leery of the cake when my mom made it for the first time, but it was actually really good. We invited my friend Kellie and her family over to have dessert with us. She has a little boy (Ethan) who's a few weeks younger than Kimball. Whenever Kimball's in town visiting he always asks to play with Ethan.
I'm really glad Kimball was here for his birthday; I sure love that little guy!


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