Monday, August 26, 2013

Visit from the Lambs

I've got a lot to catch up on. Things have been so busy with having company for two weeks, and then being sick for several days.

My oldest sister Miriam and her family came to visit a couple weeks ago. I haven't seen Miriam's family in two years, so it was wonderful to see them again. It was exciting to see my nieces because they've really grown a lot. I was especially excited to meet my niece Victoria for the first time. She was born in December 2011 and I hadn't met her before. Boy is she cute!

We took some pictures after church when they were here so that I could get a picture of me with each of my nieces. Victoria was taking a nap, so I unfortunately didn't get a picture with her. The first picture is of me and Miriam, and then the next pictures are of me with my nieces Kim, Michaela, Courtney, Samantha, and then a picture of me with all the girls (minus Victoria).
One of the things the girls always look forward to the most when they visit is having Chandra do their hair. She's amazing at braiding, and always give them the cutest hairdos. She gave Victoria the cutest french braided pigtails. I don't know how she managed to get all of that fine, wispy baby hair into a braid, but she did. I didn't get a picture of all of the girls with their braids, but here are Victoria, Samantha and Courtney:
I really enjoy spending time with Miriam's family, especially my nieces. They are amazing girls. I was so impressed with how helpful they are. They were always asking my mom what they could do to help. It was really sweet to watch Kim with Victoria. She was so good at taking care of her and could always make her happy when she got fussy. We also had fun playing games. We played Imaginiff just about every night which was lots of fun. The girls really enjoyed it.

The only bad thing about the Lamb's visit was that I got sick from some of the girls who were sick. I guess it's worth it, though! I'm hoping I'll be able to see Miriam's family next year. It's a long, expensive drive from Texas, though, hence the reason we haven't seen them in two years, It just makes me cherish the time that we do spend together.


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