Friday, August 9, 2013

Virtual Closet

You know the phrase "out of sight, out of mind"? Well, I tend to forget about things if they aren't in my line of sight. I have a lot of clothes, but if I'm just going to be staying at home (which I do most days) I opt to wear pajama pants and a T-shirt because that's comfortable to wear and easy for people to dress me in. I have a lot of nice clothes, though, that I wear when I go out because I like to dress up and look nice as nice as I can when I'm out in public.

I keep most of my clothes in a closet that's right outside my bedroom. (After my accident I moved into the living room since my bedroom was upstairs.) Fortunately, there's a coat closet just outside my room since it's right by the front door. I'm not sure what I would do without this closet since the majority of my clothes are inside. It would be a nightmare trying to keep all of my clothes nice and relative wrinkle-free if I didn't have the coat closet so conveniently close! But even though it's close, I can't see INSIDE of it, so sometimes I forget what's hanging in there!

I got the bright idea several months ago to make a "virtual closet." My sister helped me photograph all of my clothes, and that I put them on my laptop. I now have all of my clothes organized into different folders, like "cardigans," "shirts," "sweaters," "skirts," etc. If I know I'm going to be going the next day, I always consult my "virtual closet" before getting off my computer the previous night. It actually really helps, so that I'm not forgetting about what I've got (which has happened in the past), and so that I don't have to ask my mom to give me suggestions of what to wear.

A few pictures (a cardigan, skirt and a couple of shirts) just to give you an example of my "virtual closet":
Sometimes people talk about loving the "new car smell" that tends to linger for a while after you buy a brand-new car. I feel the same way, except about clothes. I love the smell of new clothes from the store. Sometimes when I'm getting dressed I'll catch a brief whiff of the new clothes smell as the shirt goes over my head. It's really too bad that clothes lose that "department store" smell as soon as you wash them. I think the reason I love this smell so much is because it always reminds me of being a kid and going "back to school clothes" shopping. Anyone else love the smell of new clothes, or am I the only one?! :)


About JollyJilly said...

What a great idea! I love it as you always have stuff at the back or in drawers that you totally forget about. If I ever get round to it I'd love this type of closet . Hi find you via the blog hop and I'm really glad.
If you have 5 mins with all that free closet time lol pop over and visit .

Heather (Paralyzed with JOY!) said...

Awesome! I'm glad you found me and I will definitely check out your blog! :)

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