Thursday, November 21, 2013

Movie and McDonald's

I always do something special to commemorate the anniversary of my car accident. For the past several years I've done game nights with my friends, but I kind of got burnt out on having those since it was a lot of work trying to coordinate the schedules of everyone I wanted there, plus lots of my friends have either moved away or now have young kids. So this year I decided to do one of my favorite things: go to the movies. It's been five months since I've been to a movie, which is a really long time for me!

There are lots of good movies out right now to choose from, but I decide to see Thor: The Dark World. I went with my younger sister Chandra and her boyfriend, and I also invited my friend Lacee and her husband. The movie was good, and so was the company!
After the movie we went out for dinner… to McDonald's! I know that that's about as low-brow as you can get when it comes to choosing a place to eat dinner, but I really love fast food (although I rarely eat it). I dearly love Big Macs, but I just had a cheeseburger, plus three chicken nuggets and some fries. I haven't eaten at McDonald's in several years, so it really hit the spot!

Funny story about McDonald's... When I was a little girl I did not like my mom's hamburgers. There was just something about the meat that I didn't like. The first time I ever ate at McDonald's I asked for a hamburger with "no meat." (True story!) I ended up getting a hamburger (with meat) and I was surprised that I actually liked it. I still didn't care for my mom's hamburgers when I was young because they didn't taste anything like the ones from McDonald's. I eventually started liking my mom's hamburgers, and now I love them (although I still prefer ones from McDonald's!).
Lacee and her husband went to a wedding the previous day and they ran into one of my former classmates, Jason. Lacee told him that we were getting together the next day and asked Jason if he wanted to come to McDonald's after our movie was over so that he could see me. I didn't know he was in town, so it was a nice surprise. It was fun catching up and I just wish we would've had longer to visit.
Mom didn't come to the movies, but she did meet us at McDonald's.


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