Friday, November 1, 2013

Peyton's Clever Costumes

Yesterday my friend Kate sent me a link to an article about the McCubbins family and their 12-year-old daughter Peyton who has a condition called schizencephaly. She's in a wheelchair and it is physically similar to someone with cerebral palsy. Each year Peyton's parents always make a special homemade Halloween costume that is built around her wheelchair. The costumes are quite elaborate and very creative.

In 2005 Peyton was Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet and in 2006 she was Cinderella:
In 2007 she was the Little Mermaid and in 2008 she was Pebbles (and her little brother was Bamm-Bamm):
In 2009 she was a biker and in 2010 she rode around in a chariot:
In 2011 she was Santa and in 2012 she was Batgirl (and her little brother was Captain America):
This year she was Princess Leia in a landspeeder and her little brother was Luke Skywalker:
The whole family:
I'm glad that Peyton's family always goes all out for Halloween to make it a special experience for Peyton, and I like how they've often included her younger brother. What will they come up with next year?!


Julie said...

What a brilliant way to decorate Peyton's chair. They're fantastic. I think my favourite is the Father Christmas (Santa) one, closely followed by Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm:)

I think it's lovely that Peyton's little brother is included.

Well done to all involved:)

Julie said...

I also meant to say - I love the colours of the trees in this year's picture. I love red & yellow trees in the autumn.

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