Monday, November 25, 2013

Awful, Terrible Wind

Last Saturday when I went out to celebrate my anniversary it was really windy, and it was even windier the next day when I went out to church. Even though we were inside, we could hear the wind gusts howling/whistling. (I heard on the news that there were more than 20 tornadoes that touched down in and around the area. One of them was an EF-4 that destroyed lots of homes and even killed six people.)

There's nothing I hate more than wind when I go out because I cannot stand getting windblown. It drives me nuts to have my hair messed up, especially since I'm at the mercy of someone else to fix it for me, and I don't like looking like a disheveled mess as I wait for someone to get it smoothed out!

The terrible wind last weekend was like déjà vu and took me back to the same weekend 10 years ago. My mom has always been an avid walker and we'd started walking together in the evenings. On Sunday, November 16, Mom and I took what unbeknownst to us would be our last walk together. It was extremely windy that night and we both froze as we walked around the neighborhood (especially when we were walking into the wind). We were so cold that we decided to just walk around the circle in our neighborhood once instead of a few times like we usually did. Although the wind made that walk pretty miserable, I look back on it with such fondness as the last thing my mom and I did together when I was still able bodied.


nicole said...

I understand having to wait for someone to help you with minor task.

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