Friday, November 1, 2013

Be Still and Know

When I was going through the process of having my custom blog design made a few months ago I tested out tons of different fonts as I tried to settle on just the right ones for the look I was envisioning. There are lots and lots of fonts out there and each one has a name so that it can be kept straight. Some font names are quite unique, like "Veggieburger," "Return to Sender" or "Strawberry Limeade." (I promise there's a reason why I'm talking about font names, so just bear with me!)

My older sister Sharon was in town visiting when I first started toying with the idea of hiring someone to give my blog a facelift, and we spent lots of time on the Internet looking for different ideas. After the ball was rolling I consulted with Sharon every step of the way because it was nice to get her thoughts/opinions on how things were progressing. One of the fonts I considered using (and ultimately decided to go with as the font for the title of each post) is called "Be Still and Know."

Sharon loved the name of that font and kept thinking of it in relation to me and my unique situation. I'm physically STILL and spiritually/emotionally KNOW so much since my accident has taught me many valuable life lessons. Sharon suggested that I should use the font title "Be Still and Know" as inspiration for a blog post. Since the 10th anniversary of my accident is coming up later this month on the 17th, I thought I would write a series of short posts focusing on some of the things I've learned as I've journeyed down this road of paralysis.

You will be able to access all of my "lessons learned" posts by clicking on the green "Be Still and Know" button on the right side of the page. Stay tuned…


Julie said...

I look forward to reading this.

Thank you for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read these new posts!!!!

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