Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grammy's Antique

I don't remember how the topic of typewriters came up when my sister Sharon and her family were visiting over Christmas, but it did. My mom had to get out her electric typewriter to show the kids. (This typewriter was my mom's birthday present when she turned 18.) I don't know if Sharon's kids had ever even seen a typewriter before, and I doubt they'd ever typed on one. So my mom got hers out and everybody had to give it a try. (I can relate to the kids' excited fascination, since I always loved when my mom would get out her typewriter and let me type on it when I was a child).

We had to document the experience by taking some pictures:
Sharon said that when she learned to type in high school, she learned on a typewriter. I found it surprising that the school was still using typewriters in 1993. I know that was over 20 years ago, but computers had been around for a while by that time. Sharon said that that was the last year that students learned to type on typewriters, before the school switched over to computers.

Mom's typewriter is actually in great condition, except for the fact that it needs a new ribbon. I told Mom that she needs to hang on to her typewriter forever, since it now seems like an antique!


Julie said...

I had a typewriter that was very much like your Mum's, in-fact I think mine was the same make.

When I first learnt to type I did a touch typing coarse in the hottest summer ever. (1976)

I had about 3 different typewriters over the years, including an electronic one.

Now that I've had a computer for about 10 years I realise how far we've come with technology & am very grateful for it. Seeing pix of typewriters tho will always bring back special memories to me & to probably your Mum too.

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