Thursday, January 28, 2016

Last of the Christmas Posts

I have just a few more pictures from Christmas that I wanted to post. The first few pics are of my niece Sarah. She was in my room when Sharon had the camera out, so I had Sharon take her picture, and I asked Sarah to give me her best "Sarah" pose. She didn't just give me one; she continued to strike pose after pose for the camera. This tiny girl is so full of joy, and I love it (and her)!
Is she cute, or what?!! Then she wanted her mom to take pictures of her jumping, so jump she did:
It almost looks like she's levitating in that last one. ;-) Then Rachel came along. She is quite the little artist and is always working on some sort of art project. I wanted to get a picture of Rach with her latest creation, which she entitled "Portrait of Art."
The rest of the pictures were taken on New Year's Eve. I wasn't feeling the greatest and didn't even have anyone comb my hair after getting in my wheelchair, so that's why I look so rough. I think Elizabeth looks adorable in the picture of us, though!
Above is another picture of Rachel, and then a picture of Emily and me. She said that we were "buddies" and was very excited for our little New Year's Eve party, which she kept calling our "jammie party."
We had yummy appetizers for dinner and watched the movie Inside Out. Our appetizers were veggie pizza, buffalo chicken dip, bean salsa, guacamole, salmon dip, fresh fruit with coconut fruit dip and then cookies for dessert. It was a very yummy spread.

That's a wrap for another fun Christmas with these folks!


Julie said...

Hi Heather,
I've really enjoyed the Christmas pix.

Your hair looks great, you always look great actually.

I didn't know what appetisers were so I googled them. They look good enough to eat:)

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