Saturday, January 30, 2016


I know I said I was finished making all of my Christmas posts, but I remembered one more thing I wanted to write about. One of my favorite Christmas presents this past year came from my nursing school classmate/friend, Heather. She comes over on a fairly regular basis, and when she does, she always smells SO good! (I can always smell her, even though I have a difficult time smelling, since I can't breathe very deeply.) I've asked her several times what she uses or wears that makes her smells so fabulously good. She thought it might be the fabric softener she uses (which would be Snuggle).

Around Christmas time she said she had a little gift for me, and when I opened it, it was Snuggle fabric softener, dryer sheets and a Snuggle-scented air freshener. I thought it was such a sweet and unique gift! My mom washed all of the clothes I wear most frequently, as well as the blanket I cover my face with in the winter (since I get cold) and used the Snuggle fabric softener. It does smell so good, although, the only problem is that a person's nose quickly habituates to smells/scents, so I don't notice it as much as I did at first. I hope I smell as good to others as Heather always smells to me. :)


Michigan's Finest said...

Oh How sweet! I'm sure you do have the Snuggle Scent! I have met ppl who have unique scents and once you know what it is you use it but only smell that awesome scent for a day or two... Then poof! Its over, trust me I'm sure you smell snuggled fresh and crisp clean. My nose isn't so great either but it can smell something sweet quickly...and then next day I smell almost nothing...its just your senses!!! Enjoy your Snuggles!!!😀

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