Friday, October 21, 2016


For years I've been thinking how great it would be if my mom could reach at least 25 grandchildren. I found out earlier this year that this desire would be a reality when my sister, Annette, told me that she was pregnant. Yay! Another grandchild for my mom, and another niece for me. :)

My sister, Chandra, flew to New York to help Annette out when she had her baby, since Annette didn't have anyone to help her with her kids. Chan to the rescue! She and Annette had a lot of fun together. Here are some of the highlights...

They went apple picking together:
Annette took Chandra to see some of the LDS church's historic sites in Palmyra, NY:
Chandra held down the fort at Annette's house and took care of her four kids while she was busy having her baby. Annette's baby arrived via C-section on Wednesday, October 12, at 11:47 AM. She had a little girl that she named Eden Elizabeth (Edie). She was my sister's biggest baby, weighing in at 6 lbs. 5 oz., and she was 19 inches long.

Here are some pictures from when Chandra and Annette's kids went to the hospital to meet the new baby:
Christian had so much fun with Annette's twins, Lincoln and Annika. Christian loved having playmates that were his size. Chandra said that Annika especially took to Christian. The three little ones loved watching the big kids leave for school in the morning, and were excited to see them come home in the afternoons. 
Annette came home from the hospital two days after she had her baby. There's no place like home! The hospital gave Annette this peas in a pod toy. Joseph put Edie inside of it, and Chan snapped a picture.
Here's Christian taking a closer look at his little cousin:
I'm so grateful to have another sweet niece, and I look forward to meeting her some time next year!


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