Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"37 Seconds"

SYNOPSIS: Pregnant with her second child, Stephanie Arnold began receiving mysterious but strong premonitions that she would die during the delivery. Distressed, Stephanie did everything she could to inform the medical team and her family about what she knew was coming. No one believed her, but Stephanie knew they were wrong. When she gave birth to her son, Stephanie flatlined and died on the operating table for 37 seconds, during which time she had a spiritual experience she would never forget.

This book was incredibly fascinating! When the author, Stephanie, was pregnant with her second child, she started having premonitions that she would die during the delivery. These vivid premonitions kept happening, and when she'd mention them to her doctors, no one took her seriously. She kept researching and mentioning it to different doctors, and she finally found someone who took her seriously (it was the anesthesiologist that was with her during her C-section). This doctor put special measures into place in preparation for what Stephanie had been telling her was going to happen, just in case it actually did. Sure enough, Stephanie experienced a rare amniotic fluid embolism (AFE), which is almost always fatal. Stephanie flatlined for 37 seconds during her C-section, and had her anesthesiologist NOT believed her and NOT been prepared, Stephanie, undoubtedly, would have died.

This book was very interesting, especially as Stephanie described what she remembered and saw during those 37 seconds. This isn't your typical near-death experience where someone visits heaven and sees Jesus or dead loved ones. The book was fast-paced and a real page turner. I thought the end of the book was a little lackluster, after such an exciting beginning and middle of the book, but I still recommend it.


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