Thursday, October 13, 2016

Another Birthday for Mom

My mom had a birthday earlier this month on October 2. Chandra and Christian came over that morning and spent the day with Mom and me. That weekend also happened to be my church's General Conference, so we watched it on TV and had a relaxing day hanging out and being uplifted by conference.

Mom always says that old ladies should wear purple, and it does look good on her. 
Joe came over and joined the rest of us for dinner. Chandra brought a big roast beef when she came over in the morning, because roast beef is one of my mom's most favorite meals. We had it for Sunday dinner about once a month when I was growing up. We don't have it very often anymore, now that it's just my mom and me living here at home (plus, it's quite expensive), so it was a nice treat.

Christian has some crumbs on his face, but he sure is cute!
After dinner, Mom opened our presents.
The fact that I gave my beautiful mother a book called "Ugly" is quite an oxymoron! Chandra got my mom a pan in the size she wanted.
After Mom opened presents, we had dessert. Mom loves carrot cake, so that's what she almost always has for dessert. Chan made it, and she always does a wonderful job. One of my mom's friends also sent her a dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements, and someone else brought her a Jilly's cupcake.
Happy birthday, Mom! You are loved by your family, and you are aging gracefully!
My mom informed me a few days ago that now that she is 64, she is twice as old as I am (I'm 32), and that our ages will only get closer as we continue to age.


Danielle McGinnis said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful mother! It sounds like you all had a great day celebrating with her!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Your mom looks like she had a great birthday! Pretty too, I need to buy me more purple! The cake makes me hungry :) I love your new blog design

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