Friday, October 28, 2016

Chan Ties the Knot

Chandra and Joe got married in New York on October 8, when Chan went to go help Annette when she had her baby. Chandra wanted to get married some place that was really pretty, and Syracuse has an abundance of beautiful places, like Onondaga Park. It rained all morning, but fortunately it stopped a little while before the ceremony was supposed to begin.

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking:
I like the two pictures of Christian below. His tired, little face says, "Are we done yet?!" :)
Our sister, Annette, who was just days away from having her baby, went to the ceremony to be a witness and to help take care of Christian while Chandra and Joe were posing for the photographer.

I'm glad Chandra and Joe finally tied the knot. I'm now the "old maid" of my family, since all of my other sisters are all married. If there has to be a single sister in the bunch, then I'm glad it's me, and not one of the other ones.

Here's to wishing Chandra and Joe many, many years of happiness.


Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Oh I remember when I was the old maid cause my younger sister got married, had a baby before I got married. It is painful feeling. Lovely wedding, beautiful baby, many great shots

This American Wife said...

So happy for them! #hoorayforlove

Margaret said...

A beautiful family!!! Love...Love...Love the pictures!!! Especially of the ones of Christian... he was just 'done' .... what a cutie!!!

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