Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat wave

Boy is hot outside! Chances are you're also feeling the heat, as the majority of the United States has been experiencing record high temperatures the past several days. Yesterday the high temperature in St. Louis, Missouri, was 103°F (39.5°C), but it felt much hotter when you factored in the high humidity. 

Here's a short excerpt from an article about the St. Louis heat that I found online:

A lot has been made of St. Louis' high temperatures of late, with the thermometer topping out at 103° yesterday and 100° the day before that.

But it's the daily low temperature from yesterday that's truly record-setting. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature in St. Louis yesterday -- July 21 -- dropped to just 83°. That's the warmest low temperature recorded on that date since 1885, when the low temperature reached 82°.

For the record, the hottest minimum temperature ever in St. Louis was 86°, set back on July 24, 1901. Imagine sleeping through that without air-conditioning!

MEANWHILE in southern Chile… they received 9 feet of snow! Imagine having to get out and shovel your roof so that the heavy snow wouldn't compact and cause your roof to cave in.


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