Friday, July 15, 2011


I have a funny story to share about my niece Sarah. Last year she got a piggy bank for Christmas, but sadly it broke a few months after she received it. I felt sad for her when I found out that her little piggy had broken, so I made it my personal mission to find her a new one. I was so happy when I found this replacement at Target because I knew that Sarah would love it.
Sarah was in town again on Tuesday and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to surprise her because she had lost her special fuzzy blanket that morning when she left it at the hotel they'd stayed at the previous night. When I told her I had a surprise for her she was sure it was going to be a new fuzzy blanket, even though I told her that it was most definitely NOT a new blanket. Sarah seemed excited with her new bank…
…until she remembered her fuzzy blanket.
But Sarah was all smiles again when her mom called the hotel and they said they'd found the blanket in the bed sheets and they would mail it back to her.
Sarah told me that she didn't really care about her new bank, so I jokingly asked if I could have it back. Sarah said that she still wanted it even though she didn't really care about it. Gotta love the honesty of kids! 


Karen Mortensen said...

I care about the pig. It is so cute.
Glad she is getting her blanket back.

Tina said...

Don't you love kids' honesty? With three kids, I am never in danger of getting too big of a head.

Love ya,

Your Utah Friend,


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