Thursday, July 7, 2011

Question for all you bloggers

I like to print my blog off into a book every year so that I can keep it as a record. Last year I used the website Blog2Print to make my blog book, but I'm looking for another website that makes blogs into books. Blog2Print worked well enough, but it didn't have as many options as I would've liked. I wanted to be able to change things like fonts, spacing, etc., and you can't do that on Blog2Print's website. 

I've done a little research on the internet, but I haven't been able to find another site that I like, so that's why I'm asking my fellow bloggers. If you know of a website, please let me know! (I want a site where I can just enter the URL address of my blog and have it pull up all of my posts. I don't want a site where I to have to re-type my posts because I don't have time to do that.)



bestgrandkidsever said...

My daughter and I just did a book on Blurb ( It was amazing and meets all your criteria. Watch for percentage off coupons.

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