Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Wheels

My new wheelchair that I ordered back in August arrived today! I've had my wheelchair for nearly 8 years, so it was starting to get worn out. I prefer a manual chair (as opposed to a power chair that I'd be able to drive myself with mouth controls). Some people in my situation would always opt for a power chair so that they could have as much independence as possible, but I'm perfectly content going the manual route. My new wheelchair is a lot nicer than the old one and has better features and a better fit overall. I only sat in my chair for a little while this afternoon, so I hope it still feels comfortable when I take it out for its "maiden voyage" on Sunday.

"Cherry" is a beautiful shade of red and I'm glad I decided to go with "candy red" for the color. I'm very thankful for good insurance so that I'm able to have the medical supplies I need at a minimal cost to myself.


Karen Mortensen said...

Great. Can we see pictures of it?

*Elizabeth* said...

That is exciting to get a new chair!! I still think it would be fun to use both maual and automatic chairs...just depending on what you needed that day...


Jen said...

Hi Heather-
As a fellow wheelchair user ( due to CP and not SCI however), I had a question about this post. Please don't take this as disrespect, because I mean none. Why would you elect to use a manual chair that requires another person to push you around vs the independence of being able to get places yourself? Being that your disability means that you do have to rely on others for so many things (as do I), I am just curious as to why you would not choose a chair that increases independence.
Do you need different positioning features (such as tilt, recline or elevating legrests, which I have on my chair. If you do, are those do-able with a manual wheelchair?
Again, please don't think I am disrespecting or judging you.
You write an awesome blog, by the way.

Cindy Fox said...

I enjoy reading your blog. We have a lot in common. May I ask why you opt for a manual chair vs having the independence of a motorized chair? The color you chose sounds pretty!

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