Monday, March 19, 2012

Date Night

Last Friday evening I went on a date with my younger sister Chandra. We first went out to dinner at Panda Express. I think I've only eaten at Panda Express one or two other times before and that was many, many years ago at a mall food court.  I remember being underwhelmed and not very impressed with the quality of the food at the time, but a new Panda Express restaurant  recently opened not too far from where I live, so I decided to give it another go. I'm so glad I did!

The food was SO delicious! I ordered orange chicken and Beijing beef for my two entrées, with a side of chow mein noodles and an order of cream cheese wontons (that's Panda Express' version of crab rangoon). I loved my two entrées; and everything was really good. I loved the sweet sauce on the chicken and beef. I don't think I would get the cream cheese wontons again, however, because they aren't nearly as good as the crab rangoon I order from New China, my favorite Chinese restaurant. Chandra got an order of potstickers, and I would definitely order them again because they were really good.
After our dinner at Panda Express we headed to a fireside at our church for the single young adults in the St. Louis area to see Elder David Bednar, an apostle of the Lord. The evening was very enjoyable and it was great to see many of our friends that we haven't seen in several months.


Brea said...

Sounds like the perfect date night! Food + sisters = the best!! I love Elder Bednar that is so neat that you got to listen to him speak in person.I would love to hear what he talked about. :)

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